WildGame Innovations Halo X Ray Z6X 600 Laser Rangefinder

Wildgame Innovations Halo X-Ray Z6X 600 Laser Rangefinder is standard and reliable performing innovative rangefinder. These products feature is so dynamic. All features can provide the right information about hunting.

To see any reflective target from any distance, hunter or shooter can use this rangefinder especially for the features of Al slope accounting technology. This Halo calculates the real ranging performance around 600 yards.

This device is perfect to use for shooting, hunting, archery and addition to golf bag. In this sector, everyone can measure their ranging distance in both yards and meters.

This Wildgame innovation Halo X-Ray Z6X 600 Laser Rangefinder is very lightweight, durable, ergonomic designed and clearlyprécising innovative device.

WildGame Innovations Halo X Ray Z6X 600 Laser Rangefinder

Features of the WildGame Innovations Halo X-Ray Z6X 600 best Laser Rangefinder

• Accounting Technology
• Accuracy
• Scan Mode
• Display conditions
• Magnification of this product
• Ranging capacity
• Reflective Target
• Weather resistant
• Battery condition
• Premium Nylon

Details about Wildgame Innovations Halo X-Ray Z6X 600 Best hunting RangeFinder

Accounting Technology

Al slope accounting technology plays the best accounts of the target for the fields and targeting area.


Accuracy is so clear and precise to see. It is ranging constant is +/- yard. With this yard, people can go for hunting or shoot in mountain or horizontal areas.

Ranging Area

Ranging capacity of this Wildgame Innovations Halo X-Ray Z6X 600 Laser Rangefinders reflective area is 600 yards. 600 yards is the maximum ranging point for this rangefinder.

This best laser rangefinder also measuring angle side distance but it does not give the information about up and down the hill and also measure any grassy area like a hazard, i.e., stream and sand trap etc.

Ranging area can be measured by yards or meters. Measurement capacity is too accurate. So the ranging area is easy to read.

Scan Mode

For constant ranging in the field or other else as like as golf playing this device is playing a great role. It is constant by scan mode. Scan mode always provides and mention the continuous ranging process.

Display Conditions

Display conditions of this device are well. But too much bright sunlight or low light conditions it bitter hard to read. Otherwise, everything is ok to read with this display and target.

Magnification of this product

This is 6x magnifications product. This magnifications quality is awesome and nice feature of this product is.

Reflective Target

Reflective target can be observed the amount of reflective light which make a light signal. And this reflection can help to find out the target, deer, tree, box, rock, bushes, animals and prominent earth structure. This object reflects the infrared beam which backs to the receiver.

Weather Resistant

This is full of water resistant product. It can be used all kinds of weather such as rainy and winter season. For saving it wet or fog it has a casing which is rugged to touch.

Battery Condition

The WildGamer Innovations HaloX Ray Z6X 600 Laser Rangefinder has designed with uncommon and mostly expensive battery. This battery model is CR2 Lithium-ion battery which is not included with this unit.


Premium Nylon

Premium Nylon pouch is included with WildGame Innovations Halos packages. This premium nylon pouch is additional features which use for carrying the scope of any course and most probably it is for using.

WildGame Innovations Halo X Ray Z6X 600 Laser Rangefinder


• Maximum ranging capacity is 600 yards.
• Range can be measured by yards or meters.
• It is easy to use and the key system is not so critical because of operating button.
• This Halo can measure reflective and angle side area.
• Accounts of calculating are so precise. For that reason, it is easy to read the calculation.
• WildGame Innovation Halo is so durable and non-slip housing product.
• Very lightweight and scan mode device it is.
• This product can tell the incline or decline and also angle distance.
• 6x magnifications are included.
• CR2 Lithium ion battery is so powerful battery and costly. Battery is not included.
• Any seasonal weather this device can not face any problem.
• Easy to handling and enough to fit in hand.
• Have a rugged casing.
• It is totally eye relief product.
• This laser rangefinder is cheap for its price.


• In low light conditions and bright sunny day, it is tough to read the display.
• Here, battery is not included so need to buy separately which is so expensive.

Frequently Asking Question (FAQs)

Question: Is it 3d target archery product?
Answer: Yes, this 3d archery is awesome for bow hunting.
Question: What about design?
Answer: It is an ergonomic design product.
Question: Is it has any eyeglasses for wearers?
Answer: No, it has no eye glasses.
Question: What about minimum range?
Answer: minimum range is 7 yards.

Final Vertical

Lots of merits and a few demerits this Halo is the greatest product. TheWildGame Innovations Halo X-Ray Z6X 600 Laser Rangefinder very cheap priced product. If you can find highly ranked and market valuable product undoubtedly this Halo is best laser rangefinder.

This Halo brand is performing the great calculation and also gives the solid information about ranging or targeting problem around the reflective area of 600 yards with the accuracy of +/- yards.

Here, the battery is so expensive. But this expensive battery is too much powerful for the hunters or shooters need to shooting or hunting.

On the other side, this innovation Halo is very light weight, durable, multi-coated, highly classy designed product. it is the Best Rangefinder branding product of others.