Simmons 801405 Rangefinder- As Far As the Eye Can See

Rangefinder used for hunting and golfing. It is a small device. It is easy to carry. Its main target is to make sure the distance where you are and where your destination is to shot for hunting and the hole. Various kinds of rangefinder you will find but Simmons 801405, 4x20LRF 600 Rangefinder is really the Best Rangefinder. Today this devices marketplace is so valuable because this device fulfills the target to access accurate distance up to 600 yards. Simmons 801450 is not so much expensive.

Functional rules are not so difficult to use. In 5 seconds this rangefinder easily turning on and off, pressing and holding buttons.

Therefore, Simmons 801405 Rangefinder standing a high position. In this review we will include this Simmons 801450 Rangefinders description, features, conveniences, challenges some FAQs from other customers. Every customer praise this rangefinder that this optics work is so good. With a low price, it is completely not a worsted product.

This device not only helps the users who are hunters or golfers but also this device enough to help the government.
Maximum users are satisfied because there is no critical function to use, easy to understand and easily handle it. That is really impressive.

Simmons Rangefinder

Highlighting keywords

  • 4x Optical magnification;
  • 5-600 yard capacity;
  • Accurate to +/- yard;
  • Simple one-button operation;
  • Vertical configuration;
  • In-view LCD display;
  • Bright, crystal-clear optics;
  • Efficient, compact vertical design;
  • Simmons 801450 Rangefinder, 4x20LRF 600

Review with detail features of Simmons 801405 Rangefinder

In-View LCD

This rangefinders LCD view brings a clear image from any kind of place like a hilly tract, jungle, golf and so on. When you are using this device, your LCD display will be shown clear images and the directions. You just had felt that you are so closer or you are standing in front of your target.

At first set up your eyepiece on the point of the rangefinder and target your finder. Then press the button so that you can see the bigger image which shown a long distance without using this.

Large Magnification and Range

Measuring long distances, the Simmons Rangefinder has a 4x magnification range. It tracks out 10 yards of range. It is Bias to configure.

Weather –resistant Casing

Indisputably Simmons 891405 rangefinders casing are well-designed. This casing saved this rangefinder from any season. I mean to say that in rainy season this casing protects your rangefinder especially its lens. This casing is water-resistant so no need to fear while it damaged or affected. Undoubtedly use it in rain. Simmons guaranteed that it is also inherent to luminous.

Casing Colors

It is Launched by two casing colors, Black, and camouflage.

Carrying case

Have a simply zipped carrying case with a belt loop. It is a protective case to carry Simmons 801405 rangefinder. For carrying this case it has a small lanyard. You don’t get any trouble for this.

Compact Vertical Design

It is a one-handed device. Easily fit in your hand when you are using it. And you never face any problem. If you want to fit it a golf course and hunting area. It easily set up anywhere.

One Touch Button

This Simmons rangefinder made only by one touch button. Only one button you can operate it all functional work. This button work for initiates ranges measurement activates laser features, switches on off. All this and many others functional system can be set up with this only one button key.

Battery powered

Simmons 801405 rangefinders battery is the single 9-volt battery. This high voltage battery can give you a good service. It is battery operated that’s why u don’t need any adaptors or cables.

Simmons Rangefinder


  • Carrying process is simple.
  • A cover protector from the weather.
  • Powered by the battery. No need to carry any power adaptor.
  • All works are done by a button. There are no extra buttons which make you confused to use.
  • Easily keep it up in your pocket.
  • Long range magnification product.
  • This product gives all this needed information about hunting without any scrap.
  • This rangefinder can easily measure 600 Yards range.
  • 1-year limited warranty.
  • Simmons 801405 Rangefinder has a carrying case. This case is fully waterproof.
  • It is easy to clean with a soft clean cloth.
  • Eye relief is Up to 20mm.
  • Price is good.


  • In winter season sometimes it disturbed.
  • Has no eye relief for glass wearers.

Frequently Asked Question.(FAQs)

Question: Where it was made?
Answer: It is made in China.
Question: Is it touch screen operator?
Answer: No, it is not.
Question: Are there any color available without this two colors?
Answer: No
Question: to get the accurate reading, how many times power button need to be held?
Answer: It is held only 5 seconds.


    1. It will be better to replace battery every 12 months.
    2. If LCD screen does not light up take out the battery and again back it.
    3. Always using a soft and clean cloth to clean this device.

Final Vertical

This rangefinder is a Great tool for hunting. You can be satisfied with this product when you will measure any distance the period of hunting and golfing you can use it roughly. We believe that after using this Simmons 801450 rangefinder people will give star five for dis product. It is worthy of this rating. Though every product has merits and demerits but this device launched with pros and a few cons.

Hope this review and details help to buy this device. Our all pieces of information are 100% trustworthy.

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