Laser Rangefinder for Hunting and Golf, 700 Yards 6X 25mm Range finder with Speed, Scan and Fog measurement

Today, I am going to introduce a revolutionary device called Laser Rangefinder that can help you to measure long ranges of distance and detect your prey at long distances. These devices are special kind of innovative equipment. That gadget has incredibly powerful lenses and can help you increase the accuracy of your every shot. Usually associated with a bow or a rifle scope, a range finder is that kind of tool which is must have for every hunter who wants to shoot accurately every time. So that’s why we rounded up the laser rangefinder for hunting and Golf on the market today.

This laser range finder is used for hunting and golf, and it is 6x 700yadrs22mm rangefinder with this can, speed and fog measurement by AOFAR is one of the top choices. This is the perfect laser rangefinder for hunting and golf at an affordable price. It has great accuracy.

Laser Rangefinder for Hunting and Golf

This Laser rangefinder perfect for what kind of activities?

It is ideal for golf and hunting. You can use it for ranging, flagpole lock, speed, and golf distance correction. It actually has six types of working mode which give you amazing experience laser can measure up to 700yards with continuous scan mode. It is with rangefinder which is built-in pin-seeker technology, golfers can smoothly target flagstick.

This feature is specifically useful when the flagstick is partially unnoticeable. its high magnification x objection is 6x 25mm, measurement accuracy range is +_1yard, the accuracy of speed measurement is +_5km/h lightweight and portable. Measures are just 110*75*45mm and its weight just 180g, with a water and dustproof, durable body. It is including a carrying pouch, free cr2 battery, microfiber cloth, strap and a quick guide. The only fact is that is device does not come with English instructions. But you will get English guides on the internet which will help you.

key features:

pin-seeker technology: this device has the built-in pin-seeker technology. It is really very useful when a golf paler can see clearly a flagstick.
Battery: this device is powered by a 3volt CR2 battery.
Weight and portability: it is very light weight like 180g and durable body.
water and dust resistance: it is fully water and dust resistance.
yardages: its minimum 5 yards and maximum 700 yards.
magnification:  it has high 6x magnifications.
calculation: this device calculates in yards and mph.
instructions: it has English instruction guide which is very clear and easy.
power saving mode: it has automatic power-off for power saving.


  • Type of laser:905nm,
  • Range of distance measurement: min 5- max 700 yards,
  • Range of speed: 0-300 km/h,
  • Magnification: 6x,
  • Size of eyepiece: 16mm,
  • Diameter of exit pupil: 3.8mm,
  • Accuracy of range measurement:c±1yard
  • Accuracy of speed measurement: ±5km/h
  • Battery: CR2-3V,
  • Netweight of device: 180g,
  • Dimension of this laser rangefinder for hunting and golf: 110*75*45mmsize of eyepiece: 16mm
  • Size of eyepiece: 16mm

Package including:

  • Laser rangefinder: 1pcs
  • User manual: 1pcs,
  • Battery: 1pcs,
  • Compasses: 1pcs,
  • Lanyards: 1pcs.


  • Affordable price
  • High accuracy
  • Easy to carry
  • Water and dust resistant
  • Durable body
  • Free pouch for carrying
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth
  • Low power consumption
  • Automated power off for power saving
  • Very handy for golfing


  • Missing English Instructions Manual

Laser Rangefinder for Hunting and Golf


Ques: Can I use it for hunting within trees with branches hanging?

Answer: Simply yes. This device suitable for measuring the high reflectivity of an object like street signs, moderate reflectance like a building wall and also low reflectivity objects like tree or golf flagpole.

The minimum yardage I have observed while Target shooting is 5 yards. When I hang my target and send it down range, the rangefinder displays four dashes (—-yds) until it hits 5 and then starts counting up. That is in the default Scan mode which is primarily what I use as the target moves away from me but I just tried it out in my hallway, and it does the same thing stationary. Short answer. 5 yards or 5 meters. Hope this helps!

Ques: What can I do if I am a new user? any idea for golf?

Answer: It takes a little practice at first. You have to Try to keep your hands steady on the target. I’ve gotten pretty good at doing flagsticks on the golf course – up to around 250 yards or so. It often takes 3 or 4 attempts due to somewhat shaky hands!

Ques: How fast will it get yardage? how many buttons has it?

Answer: It has a single button to acquire yardage the second button changes the metric of the measurements. It receives the yardage pretty fast, especially for the price! I have been very impressed with this unit!


This laser rangefinder for hunting and golf is a portable device, user-friendly also water resistant and dust proof. It has high accuracy, short measuring time, low power consumption and also auto power-off for power saving. This laser rangefinder for hunting and golf is helpful to identifying small objects such as flag stick from background targets like bushes or can also lock measurement data accurately. It is really a great cheap hunting rangefinder and also an affordable unique gift for hunter and golf players. you can easily grab it in one hand and design also good. If your budget is in 100$ just go for it. If you want to a good golf player then you should buy this. Every time you should practice with a rangefinder. It will help to quick start in hunting. 700 yards is enough for hunting and if you have this device, there is nothing have to worry. Because the possibility of miss target will be less. No other device will give you so many features at that affordable price.

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