How to use a Rangefinder? -Ways to improve accuracy

Technology makes our life easier. If you are hunting lover, you probably have a rangefinder. Rangefinder makes your shooting more accurate. It doesn’t matter if you hunt with a bow, rifle or muzzleloader, a rangefinder makes you a successful hunter by telling you an actual distance from your target. Some people believe that it ‘s hard to use because of it needs to hold tight. But after few more practicing, it will be easier for you.

If you are a new hunter, you should buy a rangefinder with an angle-compensating feature. This feature has all the top-end units. Today’s rangefinder also gives you the ability to focus the eyepiece. Even if you have 20-20 vision, this will be effective for you.

How to use a rangefinder?

Using a rangefinder one can get proper distance from their desired point. A rangefinder is small, easily fits in a pocket. The rangefinder can eliminate error when estimate yardages for a significant shot. If you want to shoot properly, you have to know how to use them. At first, to use a rangefinder, you should know how to use a rangefinder. There are few different techniques to use it. Let’s have a look…

What we want:

The most important thing that you want to get from your rangefinder is, you will need all the unit and a fully charged battery. The biggest challenge will make sure that your line of sight is stable and that’s why sometimes you need a tripod. But some rangefinder does not have an attachment setting for use with a tripod. After some practice, you can measure without facing any problem.

Before using a rangefinder in the field, you should make sure that you are familiar and comfortable with this device. Test the magnification setting and see how clear the image is.


Most of the rangefinder requires eye relief. Eye relief is the distance of the eye from the eye lens of an optical instrument such as a rangefinder. For shooters, eyeglass lenses and eye relief eyepiece is your view when you can see the entire field will have to redefine the distance between the rearmost projection.

Firstly, range the surroundings:

When you go outside for hunting first you can do one thing that can range your surroundings. If you were in the field and look for trees that are approximately 20, 30 and 40 yards. Now you can range with your rangefinder for an accurate result. While the animal is approaching, you can target your point and can shoot them instantly. Using a rangefinder can increase your chance of success.

Looking for target:

Before using your rangefinder, try to find your target with a naked eye. That gives you an idea about your surroundings. Another good thing is finding the landmark. By doing this way, you can get an idea where you need to look and where your target is.

Most of the rangefinder have a scanning mood that provides an accurate measurement continuously. You don’t need to scan separately. Using scan mood, you can measure the distance from your landmark.

Measure both yards and meters:

Most of the rangefinder gives you an option to choose between yards or meters. You can choose the one that you are familiar with. Most of the hunter’s measure distance in yards. But if you are comfortable to measure in meters then feel free to use it. Most rangefinder offers one yard or half yard accuracy that gives the original data or information without any miscalculation.

Measure distance and speed:

Rangefinder helps you to focus on your target and provides you an accurate distance from your target. You can get an idea what’s the distance between you and your targeting object. Some rangefinder provides both distance and speed. Such as TecTecTecProwild Hunting Laser Rangefinder have speed measurement option. You can shoot your target accurately if you know the distance and speed of your target.

Batteries and carry/cover bag:

Most rangefinder comes with included battery. With some rangefinder, you can get a rechargeable battery that can be used again and again by recharging it. Rechargeable battery will save your money. With some rangefinder, you can get an alkaline battery that you need to change every time. So, the decision is yours which one will be favorable for you. You can also buy a rechargeable version of an alkaline battery and it’s easy to find.

if you want to keep your rangefinder safe and scratch-free, you need a cover bag. Some rangefinder comes with a suitable cover bag. It protects your rangefinder’s outer body. You also need to carry a bag with belt loop. Some rangefinder comes with lens cleaner to clean the lens that you get a crystal clear image.

Protect from water and mud:

Anything happens anytime. Most of the rangefinder offers water and weather resistant body. That protect your rangefinder. If your rangefinder does not have water resistant body, then you have to more careful about your rangefinder. Try to buy your favorable rangefinder which has a water-resistant body.

The rangefinder has a tremendous impact while hunting. It gives an appropriate result. Even the 3D shooter gauge the yardage wrong. It’s difficult to range on a tree. But if you use a rangefinder, you can easily range from a tree, hill, horizontal area and from an angle. So, get rid of assumption. Use a rangefinder which you like and make yourself as a strong hunter.