Bushnell 202442 The Truth ARC 4x20mm Bowhunting Laser Rangefinder

Bushnell is the very famous company for innovating various kind of laser rangefinder. This company also designed real bow hunting rangefinder which is known as Bushnell Truth Rangefinder and the model are 202442 ARC 4×20 mm laser rangefinder.

This bow hunting rangefinder is clear to shoot and make to confirm the lock to the target. It is confidently bringing down the targeting point.

Bushnell Truth Rangefinder, consist the instantaneous review about this product, especially the clearance of bow hunting and archery.

Bushnell of this model helps to find the measurement very fast and also a lighting product. An archers or shooters can easily read the distance without any worries. It is also very speed sight systematic and long-lasting devices.


The Most Important Key Features of Bushnell Truth Rangefinder

• ARC Technology
• Clear Shot Technology
• Ranging Areas
• Button
• Battery Type
• Accuracy of this Rangefinder
• Weather Resistant
• Bow Mode
• Ranging Performance
• About Magnifications and Objective Lens

Let’s See The Details About Bushnell’s

ARC Technology

Hunters or shooters need to calculate the angle terrain distance and also up and down areas of horizontal situations when they are going to hunting or shooting. From angelic measurement ARC (Angle Range Compensation) helps to accounts of calculating the ranging point.

Clear Shot Technology

Bushnell Truth Rangefinder, is clear shoot laser rangefinder. This clear shot option can provide the instantaneous feedback where you need to clearance of your targeting point. For this reason, without any worries, hunters or shooters can observe and allow the hunting ability of branches or other factors.

Ranging Area

Ranging area means this best rangefinder can measure 7 to 850 yards distance. It is also providing “shoots like” distance of 200 meters. From angle range, the destination will be -90 degrees to 90 degrees. Overall ranging area process is very clear to see.


Bushnell Truth Rangefinder, has one button operational system. One button system is very easy to use. This one button is known as control button because only this button can do multiples of work at different times. To follow the instructions hunters or shooters can push their work easily.

Battery Life

Bushnell The Truth Bow Hunting Rangefinder has a very powerful battery including 3 voltage of power and the model of this battery is CR 123 battery. Battery life is amazing and also very long lasting battery it is.

Accuracy Of This Rangefinder

Accuracy of 2024452 ARC, 4x 20 mm rangefinder of Bushnell the Truth Bow Hunting, is +/- 1 yard to see precisely.

Weather Resistant

This bow hunting rangefinder is undoubtedly rainproof device. It has a carrying case which saves this device from rain.

Bow Hunting

This device is bow mode ranging rangefinder. This bow mode can determine the speed through the sight system and also helps to select horizontal distance as like as 5 to 99 yards.

Ranging Performance

This Bushnell The Truth Rangefinders ranging area is 7 to 850 yards and this yards divided by three kinds of ranging performance. As like reflective, tree and deer ranging performance. 850 yards consist of the reflective ranging performance, 600 yards for tree ranging and 200 yards for deer ranging performance. Here, also included the angle range performance.

About Magnifications And Objective Lens

It is entirely 4 x magnifications Bushnell 202442 truth bow rangefinder. It is providing clear crystal image in view when you use it.

This device also has the objective lens. This objective lens consists 20 mm inclinometer.


• Very clear crystal optical it is.
• Battery life is too good.
• Easy to use with one button operational system.
• Included magnetic system.
• Easily read the calculation with this device.
• Very simple with its three steps process.
• Easy to handle in one hand or pocket.
• Team Primos approve this device.
• It is 100 percent bulletproof technology.
• HD quality device it is.
• Very smart and durable optics.
• Have a carrying case with this product which protects it from bad weather.
• Posi-Thread battery door.
• Horizontal distance can be measured by this Bushnell The Bow Hunting Rangefinder.
• The ranging area of angel compensation is precise to see.
• Lighting power is very bright so easy to read the destination.
• This product is very light weighted.
• The main benefits of this device are it is a clear shoot optical for its targeting mode.
• Beginner and an accurate rifleman can desperately use this device.


• Completely not waterproof device this Bushnell 202442 4x 20 mm bow hunting rangefinder.
• Sometimes facing a problem with one button systems if you do not catch the system at all.

Frequently Asking Question (FAQs)

Question: Have there any Rain-Guard HD?
Answer: No.
Question: How many yards it provides for pinpoint precision?
Answer: 7 yards to 199 yards.
Question: Is this Bushnell is capable of reading in low light conditions?
Answer: It is quite hard to understand.

Final Vertical

Bushnell The Truth Bow Hunting Rangefinder is the black and mostly great products. People’s review of this product is very positive.

To fulfill the determination of measuring point and targeting view of inclinometer this object is highly recommended. Very satisfactory device it is which ensure the whole hunting process with this little device.
For that reason and people’s positive reviews this Model of Bushnell Truth Rangefinder is best marketplace product. And it is also a great device for a beginner of hunters and shooters.